Popular Southern Gospel Music

Gospel music has become incredibly popular for a number of years in the United States, and
there are definitely some artists who are more well-known than others. While some people may
consider southern gospel music a relic of the past, the fact is that it’s still very much alive and
well, especially in the south.

Marvin Sapp is one of the most popular and prolific southern gospel musicians today. He began
his career back in 1991 and it has only gained momentum since them. Sapp has won a number of
awards over the span of his career, including Best Gospel Artist for 2008 and 2010. He has also
won the Male Vocalist of the Year award in 2008 and Artist of the Year in 2009.
Donnie McClurkin is another famous and beloved southern gospel singer. He started singing
gospel in 1996 and his career is still going strong today. He has made a total of four records,
including a self-titled album in 1996, “Again” in 2003, “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs” in
2004, and “Duets” in 2014.

Kirk Franklin is a southern Christian hip hop artist who belongs to Sparrow Records. He has
been active since 1992 and has put out many different albums throughout the years. Some of the
albums Franklin has released has been under the name “Kirk Franklin and The Family” while
others are pure solo albums. He has definitely brought quite a bit of innovation to the southern
gospel music genre, and he is widely respected for doing so.
Cece Winans has been singing gospel music since 1984. She has sold over 12 million records
worldwide and currently has a total of ten Grammy Awards. She is the best-selling female gospel
artist in the world. While she has collaborated with a number of artists over the years, her solo
albums have been incredibly successful. She has released eight solo albums; the first one came
out in 1995.

Southern gospel music has been a very popular genre of music for many years now, and it’s still
one of America’s favorite types of music.